CSR Africa is a social company.


Our principal mission is to increase the volume and impact of companies, donors and investors in Africa engaging in CSR, social and environmental risk reduction activities in order to become strong partners in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and to the Agenda 2063.


 Our added value is to assist our clients in enhancing their environmental and social management systems, practices and CSR activities whilst reducing social and environmental risks for themselves and their clients.


We are specialised in bringing together partners from Africa and Europe.



What we do


We are closing a gap by providing our clients: 

a) tailor-made consulting and coaching for management systems and audits leading to improved risk management and a reduction in environmental and social concerns; and

b) smart online and person-to- person (blended) training tools and solution for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ISO 26000. They are easy-to-use, adapted to the African context, multi-lingual, technically optimised and low priced .

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Our Clients


 are multi-nationals, SMEs, social businesses, incubators, start-up's and development projects in Africa
as well as

  international banks, impact investors and the donor community.


 These change-makers want to bridge the gap between Africa and the world by joining the growing group of sustainable world-leaders.


We are proud that they have chosen

as their partner:



Our Background


CSR Africa was founded by Michaela Pawliczek in 2018 in order to bring together her rich experience from the past twenty years in consulting, coaching and training for the international donor community, impact investors and the private sector.

She covered biodiversity and climate change, renewable energy, agriculture and local development, green economy and ecotourism, decentralisation and woman empowerment.

Furthermore, she specialises in CSR, social entrepreneurship, impact investment, environmental and social management systems and audits, risk management and reduction in Africa and Europe.