The CSR impact on SDG’s of SME’s, social businesses and start-up’s tends to go unnoticed, despite its undisputed economic importance for Africa. While the number of small-scale projects as start-up’s and social businesses are growing, CSR as an integrative business concept is often limited to large businesses and foreign companies with international experience and a financial budget. Existing tools and solutions are mostly focused on large multi-national companies, and are poorly adapted to the needs of smaller companies and not adapted to the African context.


African multi-national companies or subsidiaries of companies based in Europe are increasingly under pressure by European laws and regulations to provide proof of good environmental and social management (e.g. ISO 26000) in order to be able to continue their export activities.


All share the same challenge: the need for improved smart, African context adapted, multi-lingual and low-priced online learning tools and solutions.


We are providing you with: :

- smart online and person-to-person (blended) learning tools and solutions;
- low priced, pragmatic, easy-to-use, multi-lingual and technically optimised. 


Our blended learning tools and solutions are:

- adapted to the needs of your African company (multi-national, SMEs or start-up) or your specific project;

- international banks, impact investors and the donor community, and

cover top-management to frontline employees

with the possibility of learning from anywhere at any time.


Take advantage of our Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) method with various learning tools and solutions for CSR or ISO 26000 which will come to you in three different packages:


 -          Standard: Our tools delivered entirely via our online learning platform which is easy-to-use, world-wide 24/7 accessible and optimised for your different devices;


-          Premium: Profit from a blended training programme during your CSR strategy, implementation and verification process combining personal online coaching, pesrson-to-person workshops and on-the-job training;


-          Tailor-made: your customised CSR programme adapted to your company‘s special requiremetns and delivered from our experienced trainers directly to your company.



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