Donors, banks and impact investors striving nowadays to push their clients to adopt good environmental and social management systems while trying to reduce the risk on their investments before and during financing phase.


 If you are interested in:


minimising your business risks while making your company fit for responsible entrepreneurial behaviour and improved social and ecological systems and performances;
- increase your company reputation, improve the motivation of your employees, enhance customer satisfaction;
- experience better relationships with your stakeholders and improve your chances to deal with European clients;
- ensuring a bigger sustainable impact with your company; and
you need intelligent, tailor-made, pragmatic and context adapted support.


 We help you audit your or your clients’ company or project with an eye on environmental and social risk reduction.

We coach you and your partners in setting-up a personalised environmental and social management system and

a customised CSR or ISO 26000 strategy while assisting with implementation.



Please contact us to discuss your or your clients tailor-made consulting and coaching packages.

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